A Pair of Stylish Artisan Shoes

12th September 2015
A Pair of Stylish Artisan Shoes

We introduce you the artisan shoe brand Suzhou Cobblers. The designer Denise Huang dreamt of living in Shanghai in the last century when it was the fashion capital of the Orient. So, she decided to create a brand that would pay homage to the old Shanghai style. The selected patterns and attached fabrics, in addition to shoe shapes, all reflect Denise's design concept. 

Denise herself designs each pair of shoes. She then asks her small team of skilful sewers to turn the designs into sophisticated shoes. They only produce on a small scale in order to ensure the best quality possible.

This pair of panda shoes is the signature one designed by Denise. The panda pattern is exquisitely hand-embroidered by artisans, thus shows a vivid scene.

Shop the artisan Panda Shoes HERE.

* We also would like to say great thanks to Parisian fashion blogger Vintage_Traffic who always supports us and shares our selective pieces with her audience. All the photos featured in this blog articles are offered by Vintage_Traffic

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