Walk the panda. Stay comfortable and stylish

05 April 2016

Spring outing is the most fun time. Others walk the dog, but we walk the panda! If you are still wondering what to wear in spring summer time to accompany your journeys, here we introduce you the artisan panda shoes that are exquisitely hand embroidered. Stay comfortable and stylish, one definitely needs a pair of panda shoes. 

This pair of panda shoes is created by our designer Denise Huang who is always passionate about twisting traditional Shanghai style hand-embroidered shoes with modern look. The panda design is the signature one. Denise uses panda as the main elements mainly because that panda is the national treasure of China and is considered as the adorable and friendly symbol by Chinese. The panda pattern is exquisitely hand-embroidered by artisans, thus shows a vivid scene.

We would like to say great thanks to Parisian fashion blogger Vintage_Traffic who always supports us and shares our selective pieces with her audience. 



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