Making Fashion - Introducing the collaboration pop-up boutique with Jas MB London

01 December 2015

MAKING ・FASHION is the latest collaboration between London-based luxury designer leather brand Jas MB and 1P87.

Entering the pop-up boutique immerses one in a gallery of stories. Each item has its own unique tale to share - jewellery up-cycled from broken antique porcelain, embroidered shoes reminiscent of grandma’s love and luxurious stationery from reclaimed leather.

In MAKING ・FASHION, we display the finest contemporary use of craftsmanship in fashion. Each item on display showcases the inspiring journey of the design, from engaging with the material to crafting the perfect item. 

Promoting slow fashion, we always aim to curate extraordinary and exclusively crafted fashion pieces. Contrary to the abundance of mass produced fashion, we appreciate uniqueness and quality craftsmanship. Each handpicked piece embodies the artisan’s passion, care and pride for their artistic creation, resulting in a one-of-a-kind fashion item which passes the story to its new owner.

MAKING ・FASHION is the first physical presence of 1P87. We believe our pieces can only be fully appreciated through the intimate experience of experiencing them in person, both their visual beauty and their feeling. We welcome both the passionate curious to visit our pop-up boutique. It is a place where you can touch the materials just as a craftsman would, enjoy seeing the remarkable finishes, and listen to the stories behind each unique piece. 

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