Be Parisian in a stylish and poetic way

21 April 2016

Somewhat like 3 years ago, in a summer day, I wandered in the city of Paris via cycling. I was haring up, wearing a blue drew printed denim peplum dress and a pair of Bohemian style leather sandals. Passing by were those Parisian girls whose light scent naturally flew in the breeze. 

Without any strong contrasting make-ups or bright colour outfit, these Parisian girls are as juicy as the most natural elements. Some of them were wearing white and blue stripes tops matched with jeans shorts. Their skin beautifully shown in the sun, secretly emanating light aroma that is like little daisy flowers. Some other Parisian girls were wearing sleeveless flower-printed light blue dress - similar as what I was wearing, with a vintage look mini crossbody bag carried on their shoulders. They might flip a few french novels in front of those second hand book stalls, or lean on the river bank of Le Saine. There were other Parisian girls who were just wearing a seemingly transparent white round neck shirt with a petite raffia bow knotted around the neck. The sun created different shades of dots on their shirts when they walked under big trees in the parks. The skin shown under the petite raffia bow turned into somewhat light pink tone.

These Parisian girls carry a certain type of effortless scent that makes one feel comfortable and pleasant. The scent somehow naturally links itself with what one always smells when passing by these traditional little candy stores located around the corners in Paris. There are so many streets in Paris, big or small, so as street corners. Among them are a few candy stores displaying candies with a various choice of flavour. With the kiss of beautiful summer sunshine, the candy scents flow far and reach each corner. These Parisian girls, passing through Paris streets,  bring with them scents everywhere as well. 

Therefore, I call these Parisian girls bon bon girls. In proper English, candy girls.

They are like petite hard candies wrapped with semi transparent and somewhat shimmery sweet wrappers which are shaped as raffia bows. Blue striped with white, creamy, green mint, light lemon yellow, and more. One may just image it. Each aromatic candy shares slightly different shape, quietly and uniquely. They are just as adorable as the Parisian girls, drawing a splash of light and dolce romance into the city of Paris.


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