A cozy weekend morning

29 October 2016

What does a cozy weekend Morning mean to you? An annoyance response to your 6:00 AM alarm? A refreshing stroll in the park with your dog? Or just a cup of artisan coffee with a freshly cut baguette? 

We would say, no matter what you do, cozy weekend morning is a state of mind. It is all the tiny things that count: the mindless flood of sunlights’ warmth on your bed; the unfinished magazine filled with remote tales; the candle with wild flower scents bringing one back to English summer time; or even the shape of the orchid buds that you barely can see without putting on your glasses. It is cozy because we start it at the home we love, in a beautiful morning when you do not have a pressing todo list to tick and complete, or compete.

It seems like doing nothing but indeed the sweetness is more than doing nothing. As you also feel energised after a great night of sleep, it opens up all the possibilities of the weekend afternoon. If so, shall we all celebrate our cozy weekend morning like how a family celebrates a newborn baby, for it symbolises the potential of all great things ahead. 

Pink describes hers as follows:

"A cozy weekend, to me, normally starts with sipping some aromatic tea and reading beautiful pieces of articles from my favourite magazines. It allows my mind to walk into a far and exotic place... My weekend afternoon is always colourful. I usually wander in Columbia flower market to buy some in season flowers, or visit the local plants shop Conservatory Archive for adding some greens to my home. My art friends sometime visit me and show me their new creations. In the room with cozy music and candle scents, we chat until late..."

How do you spend your weekend morning?

a cozy sunday morning featuring Mirit Weinstock bow earring | on slowness

a cozy sunday morning featuring Mirit Weinstock balloon ring | on slowness

a cozy sunday morning reading magazine lighting candles | on slowness

a cozy weekend morning | on slowness



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