Doughnuts that don’t make you fat

28 September 2016

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires great efforts, especially when you are surrounded by restaurants offering delicious desserts, have party gatherings with friends, or just simply browse travel blogs online and encounter beautiful photos of yummy foods.

Let’s say doughnuts. We all know how tempting they are with their creamy fillings and colourful glazes on top. Also, we all know that even a single bite contains tons of sugar and fat that might make your “keep diet plan” in vein.

Well, you don’t have to resist anymore. Here comes “doughnuts that don’t make you fat campaign” - guilt-free sweet doughnuts not only please your eyes, keep you fit while also gaining you a splash of unique style.


The best healthy doughnut holes

Introduced by Nutrition Stripped

You wouldn’t crave glazed doughnut holes anymore, if you can have the perfect, mouth-watering alternative without consuming much calories. These vanilla flavoured mini balls are vegan, gluten free and made with raw ingredients only. Delicious and so easy to prepare - do we need any reasons not go for it?

The Best Healthy Donut Holes introduced by nutrition stripped | on slowness



Baked Blueberry Lemon Yogurt Donuts 

Introduced by Making Thyme for Health

Sweet and sour goes so well together. Have you ever thought that blueberry and lemon mixed with some non-fat Greek yogurt could be so refreshing? They are even better when baked into low-calorie doughnuts that you can enjoy without spoiling your diet. The old Chinese saying “you can’t have it both ways” might not apply here - having delicious doughnuts and keeping diet - you absolutely can have both. Don’t be sceptic, just try it and you’ll see.

Baked Blueberry Lemon Yogurt Donuts by making thyme for health | on slowness


Zero Calorie Doughnuts Necklace 

Introduced by On Slowness Edits

This is the healthiest and most fashionable dessert ever. Here comes the selection from our designer Tadam Designmilky doughnuts with poppy seeds, green tea flavoured bites with a dash of gold glaze dip, creamy ones mixed with black sesame...the most important thing is, they are absolutely diet-friendly.

tadam design doughnut jewellery necklace | on slowness

These adorable pieces come with delicious quality though you better not try to bite. Each doughnut necklace is handcrafted with traditional Japanese Nerikomi technique that is popularly adopted in contemporary pottery art. The method - creating inimitable marble patterns with coloured clays - creates amazingly beautiful and unexpected wavy lines that are embedded in a surrounding colour. Keep diet and be a unique “sweet” girl since no two doughnuts are the same.

Are these zero-calories doughnuts tempting?

tadam design doughnut jewellery necklace | on slowness 1

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