How to dress 70s style? - Fashion guide

15 April 2019

Twiggy, Farrah Fawcett, Cher, Diana Ross, Liza Minelli - these are just a few names of the 70s greatest icons, who wrapped themselves into printed trousers, fringed vests and sequin dresses with those huge platform boots that one can barely walk in.

Above all the glitz and glam - and those, well, weird patchwork print overalls that we would rather forget -, there are certain fashion elements of this era that are worth re-introducing and hanging in our contemporary wardrobe.

A hint of sparkle is always right, just do not look like you plunged into a pool of glitter - less is more, as the saying goes, so you might consider keeping the balance unless you are attending Oscar’s or performing at an ABBA tribute-show.


How to dress 70s style? - Fashion guide | On Slowness blog


On Slowness Founder Pink’s Gucci-style jacket - which she found for herself at a vintage fair - has lovely sparkling details that reflect the 70s vibe without being too much. A well-chosen blazer can be the key of our appearance - find your signature one, that you can match with different outfits.

It is time to banish those skinny jeans into the depths of your closet, and make space for those with trapeze cut. High-waist is also a trait of 70s style. Aim for colourful pieces with unique details to create a bold, flashy yet not intrusive look that evokes the characteristics of the 70s neatly.


Annie Hall, The Runaways, Taxi driver, Diary of a teenage girl outfits | How to dress 70s style? - Fashion Guide | On Slowness blog


Although trapeze cut is the most typical attribute of this era in terms of trousers, you can engage with bell-shaped legs, loose jeans or other materials. Our Denim collection by denim jeans expert Marithe et Francois Girbaud aligns various types of denim trousers with all the features above, amplified with peculiar details, such as buttons, studs or embellishments.

If you are rather a skirt person, go for airy A-line ones. If being a bohemian, a suede mini and a frothy, printed maxi dress might fit in your wardrobe, too.

For shirts, the best fabrics are silky blouses or lightweight tops, decorated with print, pinstripe, hem details or ruffles.


Marithe et Francois Girbaud jeans | How to dress 70s style? - Fashion guide | On Slowness blog


Pink matched her cherry red Marithe et Francois Girbaud flares with a silk blouse having a sophisticated print and a heightened neck, and wore neutral coloured lace-up boot heels for them. The legs of the jeans can be unbuttoned, thus showcased with tall boots.


How to dress 70s style? - Fashion guide | On Slowness blog


Accessory wise, complete your look with a unique earring which is big and remarkable enough, but does not divert attention away from your outfit. The Floating Life glass blown single earring from Yifan Gao could be the perfect choice, if you want something hi-tech that suits well the 70s style.

All set for a contemporary 70s appearance. Find yourself a key piece - like Pink’s vintage jacket - that you can vary with different outfits, depending on the occasion.


The Floating Life earring by Yifan Gao | How to dress 70s style? - Fashion guide | On Slowness blog

How to dress 70s style? - Fashion guide | On Slowness blog


Cherry Bomb Trousers by Marithe et Francois Girbaud
The Floating Life big size single earring by Yifan Gao

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