How to dress layers?

15 April 2019

If you are following our fashion blog regularly, YUAN’s name might sound familiar to you. Her wool-based creations and embroidered autumn-winter pieces were featured in our editorials (Walking in an Autumn Wonderland and Lost in New Forest). The young, emerging designer now has come up with a new collection, evoking the vibe of the famous movie Roman Holiday.


The style of Audrey Hepburn | How to dress layers? | On Slowness blog


Audrey Hepburn is a role model to many, not in vain - she is a gorgeous woman with exceptional fashion sense. The ideology of YUAN’s new designs is to merge the icon’s delicate, feminine style and the fast-paced urban lifestyle into clothes. The concept could be described as Travel in elegance.


How to dress layers? | On Slowness blog


The collection showcases black and white pieces usually decorated with embellishment. The black ensemble that On Slowness Founder Pink is wearing at Saatchi Gallery, is finely embellished with pink and white details. Small ruffles on the shoulders give the plain, flare sleeved shirt a unique twist. The decoration returns on the pencil skirt too, breaking the simplicity of the dominant colour.


DIY choker | How to dress layers? | On Slowness blog


To complete her look, Pink wears a DIY choker, the gold Horse Butt earring with pearls by Mirit Weinstock and a pair of heels that is perfectly matching with the outfit. The accessories do not distract the attention of the clothing’s peculiar details, but frame Pink’s face beautifully.

Have you ever experimented with the creation of layers? Pink made a new, exciting look out of two different pieces - her favourite vintage dress and YUAN’s embellished skirt. Sometimes the boldest ideas have the best results, and the thing that you can get a totally fresh outfit by mixing two items opens brand new dimensions in daily dressing, and in the world of fashion in general.


How to dress layers? | On Slowness blog

How to dress layers? | On Slowness blog


Find a key piece - like the lightweight, ruffled vintage dress - that serves as the first layer of your outfit, and vary it with other clothes from your wardrobe. Dresses with skirts, short sleeved shirts with long ones, and so on - it is only fantasy that can hold you back.


Gold Horse Butt single clip-on earring by Mirit Weinstock

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