Lost in New Forest - a miniature oriental world

28 November 2016

Soft, warm scarves, the scent of steaming rum tea and fallen leaves on the pavement, cozy weekend mornings, meals made with pumpkins…these are all the beautiful elements that are connected with this season. We took a walk in New Forest, where the wonderful landscape scene, changing to orange and red, resembles the atmosphere containing all the seasonal elements.

Since New Forest has lots of variety in plants, the ensemble of the colourful forest floor, the falling but still plenteous greenery and the sun shining through it create stunning layers. All the colours and the atmosphere matches perfectly YUAN’s flower-embellished wool coat. New Forest is also full of maple trees which are the symbols of the Orient, Kyoto in particular. With these maple trees as background, wearing the black asymmetrical coat and the matching high waist pencil skirt, it creates the miniature of a romantic and exotic oriental world.

If one wants to escape from buzzing city life to wander around in the nature and sip some fresh air, visit New Forest. Flooded with colourful plants and drained by three rivers, it is not just relaxing but also entertaining with a wildlife park.

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