Making On Slowness: How a sketch transforms into a designer banner

10 October 2016

The very reason of us starting On Slowness, is to pay tribute to the process of making, rather than the product oriented way of thoughts in the fashion industry. Here in the studio we enjoy and treasure the whole process of how things are created. For those who are curious about what we believe slow fashion is, we are going to share in this blog our bits and bobs, ups and downs of being a Slow Fashion House in the corporate monopolised fashion industry. Stay tuned :)

All the designers/makers that we work with have their stories. However, they all share one thing: the love of making or crafting something - something that they and others who share the same thoughts care about.

As a result, we are constantly working on improving our website presence to better tell their stories.

In this article, we are going to tell the story of how our way of collaborative design works, with our recent decision of changing designers banners.

how to make a designer banner sketch model flowers On Slowness

Our ideas are always formed on a dining table. Every morning each member sits together to talk about their ideas and works, as well as listens and contributes to others. As usual, our latest banners on the designer pages are cultivated that way.

Our studio is full of green plants and seasonal blossoms. They not only add more elements of life in the space, but also inspire each of us. After several sips of morning coffee, we soon realized that using green leaves and flowers as background elements would add simple yet elegant atmosphere that matches our brand concept.

how to make a designer banner sketch sketches graphic design On Slowness

We start all designs with sketches - just as our designers would create their pieces with their own hands. The team would start with making a selection of products that we would like to feature in banners, after which graphic designer Sofie sketched the idea visually with brief descriptions. On the other hand, floral expert Pink would research on various types of flowers and plants, and visited local flowers shops to hunt the best greens for the shooting.

photo shooting beautiful model makeup getting ready flowers On Slowness

Everything was ready one day before the shooting. There only came one question: who is going to be the model? Pink introduced our illustrator and painter friend Qiong Wu who also enjoys flowers and plants a lot. The oil paintings that she created in Wales mountains and Italy Toscana just made us believe that she would be the best person to understand and match the shooting concept.

Based on the sketching guide, we started to use flowers and plants to decorate the model Qiong. All the flowers share similar colour palette, yet demonstrate and highlight different designer brands via various combination.

how to make a designer banner photo shooting model shoes flowers On Slowness

how to make a designer banner photo shooting flowers model leather bags Jas MB On Slowness

For example, the brand Tadam design shares simplicity and fun, therefore giant green leaves were used. The model showed only the back with the adorable doughnut necklace hung, to add mystery and fun elements. The brand Mirit Weinstock is about taking inspiration from childhood and applying it into unique jewellery concept. Thus, flowers with coral and peach colors were the choice to create dreamy and romantic atmosphere. Comparatively, Yichuan jewellery uses only antique blue and white porcelain as the main elements to create contemporary jewellery that could be worn daily. Decent and calm in colour with a bit of age, what else can we choose except statement dried flowers in the studio? With the beautiful poses that Qiong acted, the scene was just graceful and chic.

on slowness

Studio on slowness featuring suzhou cobblers

In the cozy music environment, the shooting went quick and smoothly with the help of our fashion photographer Ylenia. After some editorial work that was done by Sofie, our On Slowness website designer pages have totally fresh appearance.

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