Black Friday Blackout

25 November 2016

Dear Slow Fashion Lovers,

Today is Black Friday. For sales-oriented companies, the previous weeks were a busy time preparing discounts and catchy marketing campaigns, and now the stores will be flooded with customers who can barely even get in. Is it worth waiting hours just to buy something marked with a huge discount, then throw it away in an instant? Or, from another angle, is it worth joining a global phenomenon which is all about consuming?

As a slow fashion house which curates independent designer's creations and celebrates making, we detest the idea of Black Friday and will not participate. What is more, we have launched earlier our Anti-Black Friday Campaign and encouraged other slow-fashion related designers and companies to join to stand for craftsmanship and the uniqueness and care behind each piece we sell.

If you share the same value, it is still not too late to join the campaign by sharing the below statement picture on your social media. By spreading a singular black image about slowing down, we hope your friends and family will take a step back, reflash on what really Black Friday is, and join us in appreciating the beauty of slowness in life.

On Slowness Anti-Black Friday Campaign

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