Mirit Weinstock - poetic jewellery with a touch of humour and childhood memories

04 April 2016

M♥W is a high-end luxury crafts jewellery created by Israel-based artist & designer Mirit Weinstock in 2011. Drawing her inspiration from childhood memories and souvenirs, Mirit presents an original, dreamy poetic jewellery collection with a touch of humour. 

In the world of Mirit Weinstock, every childhood memory could be the inspiration of jewellery design. She remembers that she enjoyed having badminton matches with friends and collecting shuttlecock feathers. Thus, she creates the collection Badminton Time in which she uses real shuttlecock feathers as main elements. She also remembers that when it rained, she carried her little umbrella and danced in the rain like a little white swan. Therefore, she creates adorable cocktail earring pieces resembling the shapes of umbrellas. Colourful paper whistles, pet or wild animals that she saw, and thick lashes that she had after secretly applying on mum's mascara, all become her inspirational elements.

Mirit weinstock luxury designer jewellery 1p87-1Mirit weinstock luxury designer jewellery 1p87-2Mirit weinstock luxury designer jewellery 1p87-3Mirit weinstock luxury designer jewellery 1p87-4Mirit weinstock luxury designer jewellery 1p87-5

In terms of crafting and production, Mirit works with her small team of jewellery artisans, transferring design concept into jewellery pieces. Mirit would mainly use unique natural objects such as dried nutshells collected in the forest, or hand-crafted ones like organza silk as the core part. For example, the organza silk would be folded into the shape of pleats, and then be processed into porcelain before being further crafted into the final jewellery piece.  

Mirit weinstock luxury designer jewellery 1p87-6

On most cases, the production process starts with electro forming techniques, after which each piece is individually dipped into silver, and carefully plated with gold when necessary. This craftsmanship technique enables the original object to keep the form, while transferring into a brand new design piece. 

Either due to the various shapes of natural objects or hand-shaping crafts, there is slight variation and thus no two pieces would be exactly alike.

The modern approach of jewellery and bold combinations of materials led M♥W to win international recognition and to have the design pieces exhibited at top boutiques around the world. Mirit herself was also selected as Vogue Talents Italy in 2012.

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