TADAM! Design - the sweet course for your eyes

04 April 2016

Jewellery collection The Sweet Course for Your Eyes is a concept cookery for elegant necks. One of the most primitive human needs - to eat - has evolved into aesthetic contemporary fashion design with a strong sense of luxury.

The Sweet Course for Your Eyes jewellery desserts are taste-buds-arousing tongue delights, turned into elegant wardrobe accessories. The memorable contrasts - Lithuanian traditional materials versus precious metals, ordinary product shapes versus sophisticated architectural packaging – have become a distinctive brand signature.

tadam desserts inspired fashion jewellery 1p87-1tadam desserts inspired fashion jewellery 1p87-2tadam desserts inspired fashion jewellery 1p87-3tadam desserts inspired fashion jewellery 1p87-4

Originally all collection items are pieces of clay, which are imprinted by hand into a gypsum mold. Kept to dry for a couple of days, they get into a hot oven, and then are cooled and covered with a layer of ceramic glaze. Then the future beauties must endure another bath of heat. Prior to getting into the oven for the third time, they are covered with a precious metal (gold or platinum) alloy. Finally, with a sterling silver or 24K gold-over sterling silver chain firmly affixed, a Sweet Course for Your Eyes jewellery piece is born. Lying atop a dessert-scented shredded paper and locked inside an octahedron-shaped box, it is awaiting a neck of its dreams. 

tadam desserts inspired fashion jewellery 1p87-5

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