April 01, 2018


Spring wonderland - a vintage outfit inspired by poetry

Spring is linked with love and joyous adventures, and often inspires poets. These vibes are reflected in this editorial - On Slowness Founder Pink's unique, vintage style outfit evokes a modern knight’s tale, inspired by the characteristics of romantic poetry: passion, intensity, vigour, freedom, dreaminess, fantasy, longing... View full article →
November 22, 2016


Anna’s Leopard Coat

Being a slow fashion house means that we stand for craftsmanship and celebrate the process of making, the story behind each piece we curate. We share these standpoints individually as well, appreciating the beauty of slowness, the emotional value of things in our own lives. Thus, in our new blog The Vintage Wardrobe Stories, we are going to share interesting stories related to vintage pieces, to see how beautiful the story is as well as the piece itself. View full article →
April 04, 2016


Yichuan Jewellery - Antique Blue and White Porcelain turned into Contemporary Jewellery

Designer Yichuan Huang has a passion for collecting antique blue and white porcelain pieces, and combining them with modern aesthetics to create a unique brand of jewellery. The design concept is not only a form of appreciating traditional culture, but also serves as unique and arty daily wearable accessories. Each jewellery piece is one-of-a-kind not only for the antique porcelain selected, but also because of the exquisite craftsmanship. Read more...

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