Anna’s Leopard Coat

22 November 2016

Being a slow fashion house means that we stand for craftsmanship and celebrate the process of making, the story behind each piece we curate. We share these standpoints individually as well, appreciating the beauty of slowness, the emotional value of things in our own lives. Thus, in our new blog The Vintage Wardrobe Stories, we are going to share interesting stories related to vintage pieces, to see how beautiful the story is as well as the piece itself. Firstly, Anna shares a childhood memory becoming a birthday present years later.

The Vintage Wardrobe Stories - Leopard Patterned Faux-fur Womens Coat | On Slowness

“My grandmother bought me this coat when I was 8 years old. Made by a local tailor whom my grandma usually visited in Hungary, it also had a muff and a hat with the same pattern. I did not really wear it, so it got hung up in granny’s wardrobe. 16 years later, my aunt found it and decided to have it altered for my 24th birthday. She took the coat to another tailor, very close to the old one, who lengthened the sleeves with brown faux-fur to fit my size.

Those who wear leopard pattern (especially in this quantity) might be a little bit crazy, they say. Sometimes people stop me on the street to let me know how much they like my coat, sometimes they also make fun of me, but I do not care.  It has become the most precious coat to me, as I started to appreciate its journey, the story behind it, that others do not know. I can still smell the scent of my grandma’s wardrobe…”

The Vintage Wardrobe Stories - Leopard Patterned Faux-fur Womens Coat | On Slowness

Do you have a story? Feel free to share it with us via email, and you might be the next storyteller featured in The Vintage Wardrobe Stories series:

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