by: Arlette Ess

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The fishskin print is a repeat pattern from a pen and ink drawing original.

The scarf is made of 100% silk satin doubled up. It comes in two colourways, monochrome silver or silver blue, you can see the colours in the closeup detail images. The fabric is a fluid silk with a luxurious satin sheen.

This format scarf is a chameleon, it can be almost anything – long and floating with a dress, tied into a bow on a blouse, as a long tie, wound around the neck multiple times, with a leather jacket, or a blazer, as a delicate belt on a dress, or as a hairpiece… contemporary catwalk or 60s rock or 1920’s Flapper – or just you.

Size: ca. 200*7cm

Material: 100% silk satin

Made in Italy



The designer Arlette Ess is a visual artist specialised in drawing. Her intricate work creates a sense of immersion and wonder. Arlette’s signature fur prints are drawn in pen and ink, resulting in a combination of figurative and textural. These mesmerisingly intricate designs often simultaneously embody a kind of minimalism, creating a fusion between opulence and simplicity.

Type: Scarf

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