Full Moon (Silver & Antique Porcelain Earrings)

by: Yichuan

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  • How long will the full moon appear Wine cup in hand, I ask the sky Though miles apart we'll share the beauty she displays.

    This pair of earrings showcases understated grace and relaxed luxury. It matches any plain outfits-jumpsuits, blazers and dresses.

  • This collection is called Moon Series. Moon is always a fascinating object inspiring poets and composers, as well as designers. This collection uses antique porcelain as the main element to represent the moon and create a series of different scenes.
  • This piece is hand crafted by designer Yichuan Huang 
    Each antique Blue & White porcelain piece is selected and inlayed by Yichuan herself

    Antique Blue & White Porcelain

    Porcelain Diameters: 0.8CM
    Tassels: 16CM & 14.5CM (Different lengths)

    *Please be aware that because each antique porcelain piece is unique, the patterns on each item vary. That is, the porcelain patterns on the item featured in the product photos might be different from the one that you purchase. It depends on whether you receive exactly the featured one or a bespoke one.

Type: Earrings

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