Me and My City - Mini Bag for City Explorers

Jas MB vintage look camera bag for city lifestyle | On Slowness

We all have our favourite coffee shops, parks, museums or landscapes in the cities that we are living in. Based in trendy East London, city is always the biggest inspiration for designer Jas. He adores things happening in town when he walks along different streets. Thus, he creates the collection "Me & My City" for city explorers like him. Inspired by 60s vintage camera bag, the Js Photo bag is now a stylish accessory that accompanies modern urban lifestyle. If you prefer hitting the town’s streets without carrying too many things, this bag just completes a unique look in a second. Taking daily essentials with you in Js Photo bag, you may enjoy urban life as you like - having your morning latte in a patisserie, taking a short walk in the park, dining in your favourite restaurant, or enjoying a night out in a fancy downtown club.

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