Belila (Embroidered Earrings)

by: MICartsy

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  • Let me invite you to my fairytale forest. There, wild flowers are scattered on the hills, blossoming in breeze. The forest is scented like an exotic dreamland. We are all enjoying the forest festival now.

  • In this floral collection, one is able to follow the designer to start an exotic journey to Czech.

    The designer firstly guides us to visit ancient towns, where houses made of red bricks stay tranquil in the afternoon. Then we pass by some local wine and snack bars, enjoying some local speciality. When it is sunset time, we head to the hills surrounding the little town. There, wild flowers are scattered everywhere, blossoming in breeze. The hills are like scented dreamland. As darkness falls, dewdrops start to drizzle the grass. They glitter with all the pearls of dew, blinking like the starts.

    We all find pleasure from this journey, yet there are more waiting for you to explore from this beautiful collection – A letter from Czech.
  • This pair of earrings is hand-embroidered

    18K Gold-plated bronze

    SIZE (One Size Only)

Type: Earrings

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