Eight Feathers (Silver, shuttlecock feather & stone neckpiece)

by: Mirit Weinstock

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  • In dream, feathers mean freedom and life aspiration. Mirit Weinstock designs a perfect combination between silver and natural ones. Feel your liberty, feel your determination and feel your beauty lightness.

    It is not only a fashion statement piece, but also a lucky symbol that lights you up.
  • M♥W is a high end luxury crafts jewellery collection. Mirit Weinstock is the designer behind the brand. Drawing her inspiration from childhood memories and souvenirs, Mirit Weinstock presents an original, dreamy poetic jewellery collection with a touch of humour. Through M♥W, one always finds themes of surrealism, childhood motives and natural world. Mirit combines materials such as Shuttlecock feathers, raffia fibers, eyelashes, whistles and animals. She then transfers them into jewellery working with silver, porcelain and glass.

    Each piece stands for high quality craftsmanship, romantic elements and childhood memories.
  • This neckpiece is hand crafted with special and exquisite craftsmanship skills by Mirit Weinstock studio

    Natural shuttlecock feathers

    *Please be aware that each silver feather is lovingly hand crafted and thus has unique shape.

Type: Necklace

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