The Queen's Magic Mirror (Vintage Necklace)

by: Rabbit the Archivist

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  • "Mirror, mirror on the wall, tell me what I am looking for?" - well, if you have been looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind necklace then you just found it. How could we give it a name that does not reflect the peculiar magic mirror from the well-known fairytale Snow White, just like the decorated pendant does? Wear it proudly, like a queen.
  • Materials:
  • Rabbit the Archivist is the vintage line of On Slowness, curated by the On Slowness team. Each piece, big label or not, is carefully hand picked. Thus, one may expect good condition, exquisite craftsmanship, fine materials, as well as unique styles. We hope our vintage collection could complete your wardrobe to create stunning modern look.

Type: Necklace

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