Exclusive - Purple Pekingese Tassels (Hand-embroidered Flat Shoes)

by: Suzhou Cobblers

  • The Pekingese Tassels flat shoes have bold colours and unique design. It resembles the long-haired Pekingese dog that is originated from Peking. This pair of shoes shows its sophistication and fun.

    * This piece is exclusive for On Slowness
  • The Pekingese is also known as the Lion-dog because of its resemblance to Chinese guardian lion. For centuries, the Pekingese could only be owned by members of the Chinese Imperial Palace. Thus, it used to be a symbol of social status. The designer gets inspiration from the look of Pekingese long hair, and thus creates this fun collection called Pekingese Tassels.
  • Each pair is designed by designer Denise Huang
    Hand-embroidered and hand-sewn by Denise's craft team

    Cotton fabrics
    Inside - Pigskin
    Sole - Cow skin

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    We use Italy size
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    *Please be aware that Denise has a small team working together on crafting each pair of shoes in the studio in Shanghai. They only create small scales to make sure that the quality is at its best. Therefore, on occasions when it is out of stock, one has to wait for up to 1~2 weeks after placing the order. Thank you for your patience.

Type: Flat Shoes

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