Double Happiness (Silver & Antique Porcelain Necklace)

by: Yichuan

  • Good things always come together. This old Chinese saying contains sincere wishes to others.
  • Traditionally, the character 囍 meaning double happiness always appears in wedding occasions. It shares the good time with guests and brings good luck to the new couple. It is also used in most occasions whenever one expects that good things may come together.
  • This piece is handcrafted by designer Yichuan Huang 
    Each Blue & White porcelain piece is selected and inlayed by Yichuan herself

    Antique Blue & White Porcelain

    *Please be aware that because each antique porcelain piece is unique, the patterns on each item vary. That is, the porcelain patterns on the item featured in the product photos might be different from the one that you purchase. It depends on whether you receive exactly the featured one or a bespoke one.

Type: Necklace

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