Our Designer - MICartsy


MICartsy was founded in 2011. Its design concept is simple and straightforward – we love crafts, so why not share our passion with more people? Drawing on this philosophy, MICartsy designer Skelly, together with a group of passionate members, designs each piece using unique fashion aesthetic. One may find exquisite craftsmanship, especially in the hand embroidery techniques, in each piece of MICartsy clothes and accessories. MICartsy also endorses another philosophy – to make fashion more artistic and make art more fashionable.

Skelly always draws inspiration from travelling and incorporates these elements into design, which is evident in every seasonal collection. As a result, all subtle details shown in the patterns and prints tell a story and promote an artistic lifestyle. MICartsy has already gained lots of MICartsy girls from TV presenters to actresses and novelists. Though in different areas, they share similarities such as staying stylish, keeping curious, and appreciating crafts.


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