Our Designer - Suzhou Cobblers


Designer Denise, Mengqi Huang is the founder of the brand Suzhou Cobblers. From its name, one may guess that this brand is Oriental. Denise dreamt of living in Shanghai in the last century when it was the fashion capital of the Orient. So, she decided to create a brand that would pay homage to the old Shanghai style. The selected patterns and attached fabrics, in addition to shoe shapes, all reflect Denise’s design concept – donning high quality shoes like an elegant lady walking along The Bund in times gone by. Though inspired by tradition, Denise adds a unique modern aesthetic into her design. One may find that Denise always plays with contrasting colours and adds little accessories onto the shoes.

Denise herself designs each pair of shoes and gives them matching names. She then asks her small team of skillful sewers in the studio to turn the designs into sophisticated shoes. They only produce on a small scale in order to ensure the best quality possible, and on most occasions the shoes are made to order. Suzhou Cobblers has been featured many times in magazines like Vogue and ELLE. What’s more, a pair of shoes is on permanent exhibition in the V&A Museum in London. In 2015, its own boutique in Shanghai featured in Louis Vuitton City Guide Shanghai 2015.


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