Cosmos Candy - White, Pink & Black Marble Patterns With Gold Lustre (Ceramic Necklace)

by: TADAM! Design

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  • This sweet candy doughnut ceramics necklace with white, pink & black marble patterns, looks like a harmonious universe. It is a daily wearable necklace that matches plain sweatshirt, elegant dress or playful suits.
  • All elements constituting the Universe, Earth and human being are of the same nature. Different or similar to each other, they all move and change in a chaotic manner, and yet at the same time create the united whole of harmonious connections. Chaos + Harmony + Cosmos. The Capsule Collection COSMOS CANDY by TADAM! Design is a reflection of this perpetual cosmic motion. Made using the Japanese ceramic technique of creating inimitable marble patterns with coloured clays, called nerikomi, the COSMOS CANDY items stand out for their eye-catching marmoreal textures, unique colour combinations and mat surfaces.
  • This candy necklace is carefully handcrafted from clay using high-quality materials. It uses Japanese ceramic technique of nerikomi allowing to obtain different mesmeric patterns. Every piece is of the same model-characteristic range of colours, but always of a different pattern, and therefore is unique.

    Ceramic gold lustre
    Gold plated silver chain

    Pendant diameters:3CM
    Chain length:75CM

    *Please be aware that each piece is individually crafted and thus may vary slightly.

Type: Necklace

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