Golden Days in Autumn - A Cup of Coffee (Enamel Hand-Painted and Wire Inlay Silver Necklace)

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  • We have so many words to compliment this collection, but we better leave the space to some beautiful words written by Yu Dafu and translated into English by Zhang Peiji.

    "Suppose you put up in a humble-rented house inside the bustling imperial city, you can, on getting up at dawn, sit in your courtyard sipping a cup of strong tea, leisurely watch the high azure skies and listen to pigeons circling overhead. Saunter eastward under locust trees to closely observe streaks of sunlight filtering through their foliage…"


    "Autumn, I mean Northern autumn, if only it could be made to last forever! I would be more than willing to keep but one-third of my life-span and have two-thirds of it bartered for the prolonged stay of the season!"

    We believe that cat and coffee would be your best company to enjoy the golden days in a year in Beiping.
  • The maker Ning encounters homesickness towards Beijing (capital city of China) in autumn. Not surprisingly, Beijing autumn is always missed by poets and artists in history, for its appealing entirety. There is an ancient saying that a single fallen leaf from the wutong tree is more than enough to inform the world of autumn’s presence. Ning is inspired by a fallen leaf in early autumn and thus creates this collection.

    This collection contains 2 themes - Cat and Coffee. The background and colour tones used indicate a relaxing scene that one may encounter in a lovely afternoon.
  • Each piece is hand-crafted and hand-painted by Ning

    Front: Enamel
    Back: 999 Silver
    Wire Inlay: Silver

    Pendant: 55*30mm
    Necklace: 50cm

    To make this item, a technique called silver wire inlay is used to form the silhouettes of cat, books and coffee cup etc. This technique that is completely finished by hand makes these figures look more vivid.

    Besides, Ning, as a skilful enamel painter, paints several layers in every detailed part in the whole scene including the back. One may find subtle colour changes present artistic conception.

    It is definitely an art piece worth collecting. At the back of the pendant, it is stamped with Ning signature in Chinese character. Also, on one side of the stem, one may find that it is stamped in the characters of 王元手制 (Handmade by Wang Yuan); on the other side, it is stamped 二零一四.秋 (Autumn 2014).

Type: Necklace

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