Mandarin Duck (Hand-embroidered Flat Shoes)

by: Suzhou Cobblers

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  • Mandarin ducks - couple of male and female, are always the symbol of love birds in traditional Chinese culture. On the other hand, the flower peony is considered graceful and pure. The Mandarin ducks slippers combine these two romantic elements together, with decent satin green as background to create pond atmosphere. You may wear it with any casual outfit.
    Insole: Pigskin
    Sole: Cow skin

    We use Italy size
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  • Suzhou Cobblers has a small team of experienced embroiderers and cobblers. Each pair of shoes is made with exquisite hand embroidery and hand sewing. The team only produces on a small scale in order to ensure the best quality possible, and on most occasions the shoes are made to order. 

Type: Flat Shoes

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