Murble Indigo Denim Pants by Patrizia Pepe

by: Patrizia Pepe

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  • Skinny denim pants with abraded pattern and embellished pockets on the back. Wear it with any kind of tops and shirts on different occasions.

    Materials: 90% cotton ; 5% polyester ; 5% elastane
    Size: 27
    Original retail price: £185
  • The Italian clothing brand Patrizia Pepe has elegant minimalist lines and exceptional attention to details, which results in the perfect fusion of everyday practicality and glamour traits. It is a modern, feminine line for the dynamic, sensual women who want to keep up with fashion yet remain timeless. Made in Italy, each piece delivers exquisite Italian style.
  • Studio On Slowness curates exclusive contemporary fashion that is crafted with premium materials, quality production and modern approach. It also means that instead of eagerly pushing “new collections” based on new seasons, we highlight the concept of “themed collection” which might mix new designs together with samples and so-called previous collections from designer brands and showrooms. The latters are like hidden gems that are worthy re-curating and re-introducing.

    Thus, here comes our Noutlet Project. The word Noutlet is hybrid with two words: No and Outlet. Outlet means that customers are able to purchase limited designer pieces with more affordable prices, while No gives the idea that Noutlet is beyond outlet concept since the pieces are carefully curated to meet the slow fashion ideology of On Slowness.

    Enjoy our Noutlet project.

Type: Trousers

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