Orange Ping Pong (Hand-embroidered Flat Slippers)

by: Suzhou Cobblers

  • Have you ever played Ping Pong? Wondering whether you could wear the Ping Pong shoes to play the game? We haven’t tried, but you may do. It’s for fun and style.

    The designer uses Ping Pong ball as the main elements and names this collection ‘Ping Pong’. The Chinese designer Denise grew up in the environment where everyone knows how to play Ping Pong and loves playing this game. Bringing her childhood memory into this collection, she creates a fascinating fashion wonderland where stylish people have fun together.
    Inside - Pigskin, Cotton fabrics
    Sole - Cow skin

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  • Each pair is designed by designer Denise Huang
    Hand-embroidered and hand-sewn by Denise's craft team

    Please be aware that Suzhou Cobblers has a small team working together on crafting each pair of shoes in the studio in Shanghai. They only create small scales to make sure that the quality is at its best. Therefore, on occasions when it is out of stock, one has to wait for up to 1~2 weeks after placing the order. Thank you for your patience.

Type: Flat Shoes

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