Geisha (Temporary Tattoos)

by: Rosie Wonders

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  • This sheet includes the following patterns:

    1 Geisha doll & 1 Kokeshi doll
    1 Fish
    1 Fan
    1 Cherry Blossom
    1 Japanese Bird & 1 Scary Face
    Decorative stars and flowers

  • The designer Rosie is inspired by Japanese culture and thus draws a picture featuring typical Japanese culture elements.
  • This item is designed by Rosie Wonders studio, and tattooed by yourself

    Images are printed with vegetable based inks in reverse. A5 size sheets. Skin safe and waterproof. Easily removed with baby oil or alcohol.

    Pick a dry and clean area of skin
    Remove the transparent film and place design face down onto skin
    Soak the backing paper with a wet cloth and wait 20 seconds
    Slide the backing paper away
    Oh la la
    Now you are enjoying summer with your own personalised tattoos

    *Rosie Wonders Temporary tattoos are non-toxic and skin safe, but please avoid the eyes and do not apply to sensitive skin.

Type: Tattoo

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