Sneak Peek Scarves | London-based luxury silk label Klements

by: Klements

  • Floral explosion scarf 90*90cm 100% silk twill  £45 (RRP£130)

    Floral explosion scarf 140*140cm 100% silk twill  £60 (RRP£175)

    Gothic floral scarf 180*25cm double sided velvet £40 (RRP£120)

    Gothic floral ochre scarf 90*90cm 100% silk twill £45 (RRP£130)

    Kangaroo scarf 90*90cm 100% solid silk £45 (RRP£130)

    No place like home scarf 140*140cm 100% silk twill £60 (RRP£175)

    Panda palace 140*140cm silk chiffon £60 (RRP£175)

    Panda palace long scarf 180*25cm 100% silk chiffon £35 (RRP£95)

    Tear garden scarf 90*90cm 100% silk twill £45 (RRP£130)


  • In this week's subscriber-only sneak peek, we are presenting the London-based luxurious printing fashion label Klements created by fashion and textiles designer Charlotte Allen. 

    Klements' distinctive art works are hand painted and drawn by Charlotte or created from her photography work. Charlotte is influenced by Nature's wonderful curiousities, an innate preference for the macabre, a lust for a strange beauty and the shifting creative zeitgeist that is London.
  • Our sneak peek is exclusive for email subscribers for limited time only. Each week we hand pick and curate a selection of designer items. These items are listed on our website on Friday and Saturday only, after which unsold ones will be added into Sunday's sales event.

Type: Sneakpeak

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