The Butterfly (Silver & Antique Porcelain Ring)

by: Yichuan

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  • This statement butterfly ring is finished with silver and a piece of antique porcelain. The two pieces of silver wings on the side could be re-adjusted, showing how vivid the butterfly is.

    This piece is perfect for giving everyday looks a hint of sparkle, or special occasions.

    This is a one-of-a-kind piece; you will receive the exact item featured in the photos. ONE PIECE, ONE OWNER.
    Antique Blue & White Porcelain

  • This piece is hand crafted by designer Yichuan Huang; each antique Blue & White porcelain piece is selected and inlayed by Yichuan herself.

    Inlaying the pieces is completely ‘in the hands’ of the designer’s craftsmanship. One may find that in the majority of Yichuan’s jewellery, the inlayed porcelain piece is polished exceptionally thin and exhibits beautifully smooth curves.  


Type: Ring

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