The Floating Life medium size glass earring with pearls

by: Yifan Gao Jewellery

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  • Complete your look with this extraordinary earring handmade of glass and fresh water pearls. It gives a unique ‘hi-tech’ touch to your modern outfit or party dress.

    ‘The Floating Life’ collection by Yifan Gao showcases a feminine hi-tech style that gained well-deserved popularity within the jewellery industry.
    999 Silver (or called fine silver)
    Fresh water cultured pearls
    Crystal glass

    Each piece is made to order and the production may take up to 1 month. You may choose the colours of pearls when placing the order. Choose the colour you like: white; pink; peacock grey; silver grey
  • The designer Yifan collaborates closely with glassblowing craftsman to create this collection. Crystal glass is used for its durability. It though also creates more difficulty to blow and control the shape. Each piece is handmade individually. Thus, each has unique shape and curves.

Type: Earrings

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