The Moon Reflection (Silver, Luxurious Antique Porcelain and Pearls Adjustable Ring)

by: Yichuan

  • The moon is high in the sky with
    its reflection vividly drawn on the sea surface
    Its reflection ripples in the breeze
    and changes into varieties of shadows

    *The exact item featured in the photos has been sold. Thus, it would be a made-to-order piece. The designer would select premium antique porcelain based on her aesthetics view. If you have particular request on the porcelain patterns, please inform us after placing the order.
  • This collection is called Moon Series. Moon is always a fascinating object inspiring poets and composers, as well as designers. This collection uses antique porcelain as the main element to represent the moon and create a series of different scenes.
  • This piece is hand crafted by designer Yichuan Huang 
    Each Blue & White porcelain piece is selected and inlayed by Yichuan herself
    Each peal is hand crocheted using exceptionally sophisticated craftsmanship

    Antique Blue & White Porcelain from Imperial workshop
    Fresh Water Pearls

    The antique porcelain that is used in this piece is from Imperial workshop in Qing Dynasty, which means that it used to be owned by the royal family only. It is thus more rare and more sophisticated.

    This ring is adjustable
    Porcelain Diameters: 1.5CM & 1CM

Type: Ring

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