White Chocolate with Gold Glaze (Ceramic Necklace)

by: TADAM! Design

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  • This white chocolate with gold glaze looks like a real chocolate dessert. It is a daily wearable necklace that matches plain sweatshirt, elegant dress or playful suits.
  • Food is an essential substance for emotions, a powerful social intermediary, and a cultural mirror. TADAM! DESIGN presents an innovative jewellery design concept – the cookery for the pleasure of eyes and necks.

    In a ceramic studio in Vilnius, taste-buds-arousing traditional Lithuanian cookery items as well as worldwide known ordinary and gourmet delicacies take on a new meaning and are crafted into fancy fashion accessories – a unique collection of "delicious" contemporary jewellery.

    "The Sweet Course for Your Eyes" concept jewellery collection is the winner of the Lithuanian national GOOD DESIGN 2013 award.

  • This chocolate necklace is carefully handcrafted from clay using high-quality materials and is fired in a ceramic oven up to 3 times.

    Pendant: ceramics
    Chain: gold-plated silver

    Pendant diameters:3*2.5CM
    Chain length:75CM

    *Please be aware that each piece is individually crafted and thus may vary slightly.

Type: Necklace

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