About us

Onslowness.com is an online boutique curating exclusive contemporary fashion items that are crafted with premium materials by established and emerging designers. We advocate slow fashion movement, converging it with style and fun.  

Our designers are inspired by passion and curiosity, the potential of materials, and complex craftsmanship. We respect them for their creations, demonstration on attention to detail and remarkable finishes. The slow approach not only encourages taking time to ensure quality production and give value to the product, but also contemplate the connection among the maker, the object and the owner. As in slowness Milan Kundera remarks,

there is a secret bond between slowness and memory, between speed and forgetting.

Since 2016, Onslowness.com introduced two more lines - Rabbit the Archivist and Noutlet Project. Rabbit the Archivist is the vintage line where each piece, big label or not, is carefully hand picked. Vintage shares the concept of On Slowness - it always adds emotional value and carries unique stories. Shop Rabbit the Archivist to complete your wardrobe and create stunning modern look.

Noutlet Project shares the idea that instead of eagerly pushing “new collections” based on new seasons, we highlight the concept of “themed collection” which might mix new designs together with samples and so-called previous collections from designer brands and showrooms. These pieces are like hidden gems that are worthy re-curating and re-introducing. 

At onslowness.com, fashion is green, fun, and style. 

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