Our Designer - Yichuan Jewellery

YiChuan Jewellery was founded by designer Yichuan Huang in 2010. Blue and White porcelain is known as the ‘Treasure of Mankind’ of Chinese porcelain. Yichuan Huang has a passion for collecting antique blue and white porcelain pieces, and combining them with modern aesthetics to create a unique brand of jewellery. Inlaying the pieces is completely ‘in the hands’ of the designer’s craftsmanship. Yichuan first grinds down the porcelain pieces to size, and then carefully finishes them down. One may find that in the majority of Yichuan’s jewellery, the inlayed porcelain piece is polished exceptionally thin and exhibits beautifully smooth curves. Yichuan highlights that the design concept is not only a form of appreciating traditional culture, but also ‘serves as unique and stylish daily wearable accessories’.

Each jewellery piece is one-of-a-kind for the antique porcelain selected. Several pieces are exceptionally precious since the antique porcelain pieces were produced in the Dynastic Imperial workshop and used exclusively by the Royal Family – making them all the more unique and refined.

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