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07 December 2016

Have you ever got fascinated by the treasures of a bygone era? Or haunted for gems in your Grandmother’s jewellery box as a child?

Nowadays, when vintage pieces have a renaissance, people tend to look further than the caskets of their relatives. Apart from the truth that they could be surprisingly perfect to complete modern looks, all the jewellery and clothes have unique stories that remain unknown in many of the cases. Thus, we could only rely on our imagination. Who wore this brooch before I met it? Where does it come from? That is what makes vintage jewellery so peculiar - their journey from one owner to another, the stories they tell, or the stories we would never know.


Vintage jewellery | ONSLOWNESS.COM


We proudly present Rabbit the Archivist, the vintage line containing carefully hand picked, unique jewellery and clothes, etc. 


CHANEL straw hat vintage brooch | Rabbit the Archivist | ONSLOWNESS


In terms of styles, we have certain criteria when making the selection. Some words from Liberty’s vintage buyer Stelios, when he was asked what are your top tips for buying vintage, describes exactly what we think:

“I would say don’t do the whole outfit – that’s one of the worst mistakes people make. They look as though they’ve walked out of the V&A – I appreciate the museum and what it tells us but you don’t want to look like you’ve walked out of it. It’s important to mix, I would always have an element of modern, and there’s nothing to stop you mixing periods.”



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